The Conscious Investment Collective exists to create, nurture and sustain ideas, individuals and groups that aspire to create positive outcomes for all of life.

We seek to engage the agents of social, natural and financial capital to support the agents of change.


Our Story So Far

We believe that the world's deep and vast capital base should be channeled in a far more meaningful and sustainable way. For too long the world's capital has been (mis)allocated towards unproductive and unsustainable assets, leading to distortions and illusions/delusions of "value" in markets and more importantly an ever-widening inequality gap. 

The seed was planted for the creation of The Conscious Investment Collective after discovering that using capital resources to create value for the benefit of the environment and all its inhabitants did not involve giving up profits or investment returns. Contrary to popular belief, there is no trade-off!

We encourage investors, businesses and entrepreneurs to align their core values with their investment and capital allocation decisions. It is our belief that by approaching an investment decision or economic exchange with a multi-faceted value proposition that encompasses social, environmental as well as economic outcomes we can create real and lasting value as well as economic value. 

What we find inspiring is that we are part of a global shift in perspective, seeking to transform the way we utilize financial resources in order to fulfill the true purpose of economics - the maximization of human well-being. Being a part of this economic (r)evolution gives us each a unique opportunity to use our skills, knowledge and experiences to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to society and the environment - for the benefit of all.  

We are grateful for your part in this mindful journey.

Peace. Love. Gratitude.