We must each take personal responsibility for the world we wish to live in and to behave in ways we believe will help create that world.

Dan Fitzgerald - Founder

Dan is inspired by connecting with like-minded souls where, collectively, we have the ability to affect change, take action and make a positive and meaningful contribution to society and the environment.

Dan lives with his wife and young daughter in the coastal town of Lennox Head, Australia. He has a deep appreciation for riding waves and being part of a conscious community. He is guided by the Buddhist principles: Cease to do harm, Learn to do good, Purify the mind.

Dan's early career was spent learning the intricacies of the financial markets as a trader, investor and corporate adviser. After learning a great deal and experiencing some wild gyrations on the markets, Dan came to the realization that many accepted practices within the finance industry conflicted with his personal values.  This led to a period of reflection and questioning of the capitalistic financial system as we know it.

Inspired by a deep desire to seek out and implement sustainable business practices where economic, environmental and social resources are equally valued, Dan embarked on a more conscious and mindful approach to investing.  This led to the creation of The Conscious Investment Collective.

Dan holds a Master's in Applied Finance, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and is devoted to lifelong learning.  Dan sits on the advisory board of Sustainable Surf and is a contributor to the Byron Bay Surf Festival 2017.

Dan is passionate about supporting causes that are improving the health of our oceans and causes particularly close to his heart that are improving the outcomes and quality of life for people living with brain cancer, mental illness and disability. Learn more about the causes we support.